Our Artisans

Sandee Carrier, Owner


Sandee Carrier holds a Master of Science in Accounting and Information Systems from the University of North Texas.   Upon graduation, she was hired by a top accounting/consulting firm, Deloitte & Touch, in Dallas to perform financial and system control audits.  After moving to California, she later became the Internal Systems Audit Director of Pacific Bell in the San Francisco Bay area. 

Painting began as a hobby around 2008 for Sandee, when she took several watercolor, acrylic, and oil classes.  She became intrigued with the popular paint & sip industry and studied the business model for about 3 years by visiting as many venues as possible.  Combining her new artistic passion and skills with her strong business background, she opened the Tipsy Brush Studio in South Haven in 2015, where she and her husband Brad have had a vacation home for about 17 years.

Megan Cannon


Megan Cannon holds a Bachelors of the Fine Arts with an emphasis in Digital Art from Bowling Green State University.  During her education, Megan explored and practiced many different forms of art and design, including but not limited to fashion, 3D modeling, Video, Sequential Art, and Web Design. Through this exploration of many disciplines, she discovered her joy of painting and soon delved into the subject both digitally and traditionally.  After graduation from BGSU, Megan simultaneously entered the paint and sip industry as an instructor and began freelancing as an Illustrator and Web Designer.

Megan moved to the South West Michigan area in early 2017 to join the Tipsy Brush team. As an artist, she finds particular interest in vibrant pallets, the human figure, and the many changing faces of the sky.

Eliza Davis


Eliza has been doodling for ages, but only seriously decided to hone her skills as an artist when she was sixteen, starting with simple sketches and eventually graduating to paints and mixed media.  Her positive experience with art as a teen let to a decision to include art in her career, and as a result, at the age of 20she is a licensed Cosmetologist. 
Eliza has nearly eight years of on stage and back-stage experience,  including local and Children’s theater in the Saint Joseph area,  as well as with professional companies with the Saugatuck Center for the Arts.  She aspires to be a part of the film industry as a hair and makeup artist.  
She stumbled upon Tipsy Brush Studio and Channel Wine Bar May of 2016 and hasn’t left since.   She was taught to instruct painting classes and later asked to be a resident artist.  Eliza greatly values her time at Tipsy Brush Studio for the expansion of her creative abilities the experience provides and enjoys being in a resourceful and critical environment with other knowledgeable artists.


Kaitlyn Bloomfield

Kaitlyn is South Havens local mermaid! Catch her working the bar or teaching our rock painting classes.

Tipsy Brush Studio Loves to Host Visiting Artists!!

​Rev. Vivian Love, Intuitive Artist!


Vivian was a hit during WOW, 2015!!  She sat with clients in the Channel Bar and sketched with pastels while she shared the angel messages that she was receiving. The messages cover the full range of life experiences including those we anticipate with joy and those we wish to avoid. The message is relayed by an angel who begins to take shape in the sketch. Often those who have passed over before us call out in these readings, as do our Guardian Angels, guides, teachers, and helpers from the spiritual realm. 

Want to experience a reading with Vivian? 
​You can email her directly at vivianlove@aol.com or call her @ 231-220-5400.
​Cost: 30 minutes - $50;   60 minutes - $100